Empowering Women at Workplace

Empowering Women at Workplace

March 12, 2021 By force

The incredible journey of Radha Ben with us!!

She set’s an exciting example of a powerless women to an empowering woman today.

From a village near Ahmedabad to city of Vadodara, from housewife to house maid to an office assistant!! She has truly lifted herself from the ordinary to an extraordinary woman today. She used to work as house maid for us and slowly her transition from maid to office assistant took over with lot of responsibilities. Today she manages, her house, kids, shares financial responsibilities with her husband and is able to lead herself to achieve her dreams. One of that was her own house, which she acquired by her sheer hard work and discipline.

We salute her determination, punctuality and ability to learn new things every day. We are proud to be associated with such good employee.

Happy Women’s day!