“Force Scientific is a dynamic force in the world of chromatography, dedicated to advancing scientific research and analysis. With a clear vision to be the partner of choice for the chromatographic community, we are committed to providing the highest quality HPLC columns at competitive prices, coupled with unwavering technical support.

Located in Vadodara, India, we’ve established a robust research and development center and application setup, enabling us to meet the ever-evolving needs of chromatographers worldwide. Our products, marketed under various brands, have garnered widespread acceptance among scientists who deal with challenging samples.

At Force Scientific, we don’t just supply HPLC columns; we empower scientific discovery. Our mission is to enable researchers to overcome analytical challenges, ensuring that chromatography continues to be at the forefront of cutting-edge science. With a global reach and a passion for innovation, we’re poised to shape the future of chromatography.

Join us in the journey to unravel the mysteries of science, one chromatogram at a time.

Welcome to Force Scientific.”

The extensive presence of Force Scientific in multiple regions, including North, South, West, and East, as well as countries like the USA, Russia, Iran, and many others, significantly enhances the accessibility and appeal of Force Scientific HPLC columns to a global audience.

This expansive geographical footprint allows us to serve customers across diverse cultures, industries, and scientific disciplines. It reflects our commitment to being a truly international provider of chromatography solutions. With local support and distribution networks in place, we can engage with and cater to the unique needs of scientists and researchers worldwide.

Our global reach means that more customers, from laboratories to research facilities and academic institutions, can benefit from the exceptional quality and technical expertise that Force Scientific brings to the world of chromatography. We’re proud to connect with the global chromatographic community and contribute to scientific advancements around the world.

Force Scientific is a company that builds fortunes not just for itself but for everyone who is associated with it! Manufacturing chromatography columns is a scientific art and Force Scientific has mastered it. We have carved a niche in the world of chromatography by delivering quality products at exceptional price to performance ratio. Experiments lead to a rich experience which in turn lead to producing Excellent brands without leaving a carbon footprint.

Leadership Team

Force Scientific Technologies Private Limited

Ram Hari Sahu

Ramhari Sahu

Ramhari Sahu has an experience of more than 27 years. And he is the CEO and Director of the company.

Meghana Sahu

Meghana Sahu
Director Operation

Meghana Sahu has an experience of more than 25 years. and She is the Director, HR, Finance & MR of the company.

Gora Sharangi

Gora Sharangi
Chief Technology Officer

Gora Sharangi has an experience of more than 23 years. and he is the CTO of the company.

Anil Waghlekar

Anil Waghlekar
Chief Administrative officer

Anil Waghlekar has an experience of more than 30 years. and he is the CAO of the company.

Subodh Natu

Subodh Natu

Subodh Natu has an experience of more than 20 years. and he is the CFO and Director of the company.

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