Water Analysis Meters & Electrodes

Water Analysis Meters & Electrodes

Starter 5000 pH Bench

High Performance Bench Meter for Universal pH Applications.

Starter 5000’s performance is propelled by a 1000 item library, 10 sensors for calibration storage, 8 predefined and 1 self-defined buffer groups, 3 endpoint modes and GLP mode.

Starter 3100M pH & Conductivity Bench

The Versatile Multi-Parameter Bench Meter.

Auto temperature compensation, auto buffer recognition, six pH buffer groups, five conductivity standards and automatic/manual endpoints ensure accurate and stable measurement.

Starter 3100 pH Bench

Smart pH Bench Meter for Standard Laboratory Applications.

Starter 3100’s intuitive software includes three point calibration, three buffer groups, automatic and manual endpoint functions, as well as a 99 item library.

Starter 3100C Conductivity Bench

Smart Conductivity Bench Meter for Standard Laboratory Applications.

Starter 3100C’s intuitive software includes four calibration points,, and one touch conversion between measurement modes.

Starter 2100 pH Bench

Economical pH Bench Meter for Basic Laboratory Applications.

With the attached quick guide, five clearly marked keys and user friendly software, novices can operate the meter with minimal training.

Starter 400D DO Portable

The Low-Maintenance Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter with Optical Technology for Accurate Measurements.

Optical or Luminescent DO Probe allows for minimal maintenance and permits for immediate measurement reading without the need for warm up time or any sample preparation.

Starter 300 pH Portable

Convenient Portable pH Meter for Wherever Your Work Takes You.

The weigh-thru draftshield ensures accurate results by protecting the balance in unstable environments and the center piece can also be converted into a weigh boat.

Starter 300C Conductivity Portable

Convenient Portable Conductivity Meter for Wherever Your Work Takes You.

Starter 300C has a as a built-in temperature sensor and a 4-pole linear electrode that safeguards itself from polarization and pollution effects.

Starter 300D DO Portable

Convenient Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter for Wherever Your Work Takes You.

The galvanic electrode can be used immediately after being powered on without the wait time typically associated with dissolved oxygen meters.

Starter Pen Meters

Starter pen meters provide what should be expected of a small, economical pen meter: simple, fast, straightforward, no-frills operation time and time again.

Starter Electrodes

OHAUS Precision Powers the Starter Electrodes.

All sturdy and durable electrodes are constructed of either plastic or glass shafts and built to withstand daily use.