Sapphirus silica is based on a new 100 A ultra-high purity (99.999%) extra-treated porous spherical silica with a narrow particle size distribution and an extremely low metal content (< 10 ppm) to minimize silanol acidity and reduce surface metal sites available for chelation.

Sapphirus silica is manufactured in a GMP environment under the most rigorously controlled conditions, ensuring lot-to-lot reproducibility, consistent particle size, pore volume and chemical purity. Combined with our proprietary bonding technology this results in columns with optimal efficiency, asymmetry, and minimal back pressure. Sapphirus is available in several bonded phases covering a wide range of reversed-phase applications.


Excellent Strength

  • Ultra high purity silica with completely spherical, totally porous particle.
  • Well controlled narrow particle size distribution

Outstanding Stability

  • High bonding density.
  • Minimal silanol activity due to new properitary end capping technology.

Superior Loadbility and Surface Area Accessibility

  • Optimized paricle surface area, pore volume, pore volume, pore diameter and its distribution to give good surface morphology


Phase Pore size Å Particle Size (μm) Surface Area (m2/g) Carbon Load % Endcapping pH Range 100% Aqueous  Compatible USP Listing
Sapphirus C18 HP (Classic) 100 3,5 330 18 Yes 2 to 9 Yes L1
Sapphirus C8 HP (Classic) 100 3,5 330 10 Yes 2 to 9 Yes L7
Sapphirus Phenyl HP (Classic) 100 3,5 330 11 Yes 2 to 9 No L11
Sapphirus DIOL HP (Classic) 100 3,5 330 4 No 2 to 9 No L20
Sapphirus Silica HP (Classic) 100 3,5 330 NA No 2 to 9 No L3
Sapphirus C18 HD (Classic) 100 3,5 330 18 Yes 1.5 to 11 80% L1
Sapphirus C8 HD (Classic) 100 3,5 330 11 Yes 1.5 to 10 80% L7