F-DGSi - Modular Gas Generators

F-DGSi -Cosmos Series Modular Gas Generators

F-DGSi Cosmos Series Modular Gas Generator is a new modular solution that can fulfil the needs of any GC laboratory’s need. Future-proof your lab with F-DGSi’s innovative, space saving and stylish solution for all your GC needs. incorporating the latest technologies, the cosmos modular gas generator stack allows you to add multiple Gas Generators as your and gas usage requirements change.


  • Suitable for Carrier Gas and Flame Gas at low detection limits : Purity > 99.99999 %.
  • Unique 100% titanium PEM Cell technology to generate Hydrogen safely and reliably.
  • Exclusive cold dual regeneration dryer to ensure high level of purity.
  • Maintenance limited to replacing deioniser bag.
  • Creates Hydrogen on demand, minimal storage of Hydrogen in the system.
  • Internal/external leak detection with automatic shutdown features.
  • Cascading option to combine multiple units for higher flow requirements.
  • USB port in series to remote the system by internet anywhere in the world for diagnostic purpose.
  • Hydrogen sensor available as option to work in safety mode when using H2 as carrier gas.


  • Eliminate the risks in using Hydrogen as a Carrier Gas in GC Analysis.
  • Fast analysis.
  • High efficiency.
  • Prolonged column life.
  • Reduced costs.