Endurus® and Sapphirus® HPLC phases use high purity silica and are monomerically bonded with uniform coverage. This translates into symmetrical peaks for acids/bases and predictable reversed-phase selectivity. Whether for routine analysis or new method development, use Endurus® and Sapphirus® columns to get premium performance at an exceptional value.

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Endurus MD Kit (PDF)


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Rubitas C18 / C8


Avantor® ACE®

HPLC & UHPLC Columns

Avantor® manufacture the ultra-inert Avantor® ACE® UHPLC / HPLC column range. Avantor® ACE® phases incorporate the latest developments in LC stationary phase design, providing chromatographers with more choices for alternative selectivity, without compromising stability or robustness.

Avantor® ACE® LC phases have been specifically designed to help solve chromatographic challenges & include the unique C18-AR, C18-PFP, C18-Amide, CN-ES, Super C18 & Super Phenyl Hexyl phases, as well as a wide range of other 100Å and 300Å phases. Discover how Avantor® ACE® selectivities can help you with your chromatographic challenges.

Avantor® ACE Stationary Phase Portfolio

  1. 17 different stationary phase selectivities based on fully porous inert silica
  2. Additional 2 stationary phases based on solid core particle technology with extended pH range
  3. 7 particle sizes with lengths between 30mm – 300mm
  4. Choice of column id’s between 0.075mm – 30mm

Phase Guide

Gas Chromatography

Gas chromatography employs a partition between a gas phase and a functionalized immobilized liquid phase to achieve separation. Owing to the length of the capillary columns, high resolution can be achieved. GC is used across a range of industries in many different application areas, from the analysis of fragrances and flavors to the quantification of residual solvents in pharmaceuticals.

Owing to this broad application range, we offer over 50 different phases. This allows you to have access to the widest range of chemistries on the market, with all you need to achieve the desired separation of your mixture.

Avantor® Hichrom GC Product Bulletin PDF (Download – Avantor® Hichrom GC Column )

Brochure Links

Avantor ACE catalogue (PDF)

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ACE Ultracore brochure (PDF)

Avantor ACE Phase guide (PDF)

Avantor Ace Reverse Phase Method Development (PDF)

Avantor ACE Hardware Change Letter Analytical Columns (PDF)

Avantor ACE peptide and protein guide (PDF)

With our 7” inch tablet display, you can calibrate, monitor, analyze, and print pH readings from
Users can calibrate, analyze, log, print (through Wi-Fi/USB), and Remote mode to monitor pH Levels, probe longevity factors, along with graph plotting, all from the tip of their hands using our software.
Our software can easily handle 10+ devices connected on a single dashboard to make the operations easier on a daily basis for plant workers by displaying all pH meters deployed on a single screen!
Set dilution alerts when your process reaches a predefined limit to get maximized efficiency and reduce human error.
Applications :
Dissolution Baths | Lab Instrumentation | Production Plants | Inline Measurements
Quality Control | Effluent Treatment.