Chromatography Associates

GC Columns

It’s what we do, it’s all we do

Chromatography Associates, INC was founded in 2003 by Joe Walsh to manufacture and deliver the finest GC Capillary Columns and accessories possible.

CA capillary columns are crosslinked and surface bonded, yielding solvent rinseable, low bleed, high performance columns. Proprietary high temperature deactivation techniques ensure the inertness needed for today’s demanding analyses.

Our capillary columns are manufactured using the highest quality material and the most advanced techniques. They are all individually tested to ensure compliance with our high Quality Standards. They arrive in your lab in perfect condition. Also, our team is been actively involved in worldwide seminar programs and research involving development of new and improved columns and accessories for the capillary GC field.

Chrom Associates GC Column
List Of Columns
  • CA -1, CA-1MS & CA-1HT
  • CA-5 & CA-5MS
  • CA-624
  • CA-WAX
  • CA-1000
  • CA-1701
  • CA-50
  • CA-35
  • CA-Petroleum
  • CA-2887
  • CE-1, CE-5, CE-1000,CE- WAX